Flood Restoration


Flooding can cause great damage to any property. Large scale flooding can destruct even the largest buildings and most sturdy homes and lucky for us, these types are rare. But the small flood are most likely to occur, and these too can cause great amount of damage to our properties. The main causes are storms, overflowing drainage, clogged water systems, and plumbing problems. If you do not give attention to these affected areas, this flood can linger long enough to bring damage to your property causing discomfort and health risks. So in the first sign of flooding, call the pros, call MATTS WATER EXTRACTION & CARPET DRYING.

MATTS WATER EXTRACTION & CARPET DRYING have enough experience with flood to understand it better that anyone else. In our years of service we have created a strategy that allows us to clean-up and correct the damage as soon as possible. We do:

  • Investigation and Assessments

    One of our first steps is to investigate the affected area. We would like to note the extent of damage and see through the entire property that we are dealing with. We access the flooring, walls and ceiling (if necessary).  We will give you a comprehensive copy of our process once we’re done with the assessment.

  • Water Removal

    After the assessment, what we want to do is remove the water from all of the affected areas. We make use of the most advanced tools to remove unnecessary water including water in your carpets. We make sure that the area free of excess water and other moisture that can lead to mould growth and other harmful elements.

  • Anti-Microbial Spray

    Here we apply an anti-microbial spray solution to kill harmful pathogens and bacteria. This is also a mould-prevention procedure. This will keep you safe from the risk of air contaminations.


    We have purchased the very best drying equipment in the industry to ensure that we can dry your property with the most effective drying methods available.


    We will monitor the drying process as much as required to ensure a successful result.

  • Completion

    Once the property has been dried, we will clean as per necessary to ensure that everything has been returned to its pre-loss condition.

So in the first sign of flooding. Don’t delay and risk secondary damage. Call MATTS WATER EXTRACTION & CARPET DRYING now!!

Call us on the first sign of water damage to reduce the risk of damage. Water can be very destructive especially when it lingers long on your property. It can cause harm even to wood, metal, leather, walls and other building materials.

The sooner, the better! We are available every day of the week, even on weekends and after office hours. We value your time and property. We are a company that you can trust. We are passionate and driven to deliver the best clean-up jobs possible. We are skilled and well trained for the job. Together let’s fight water damage. We are Matts Water Extraction and Carpet Drying. Call us today!

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