Timber Drying


Timber planks are the one of the most common material used in homes and commercial properties. They are easy to install and are ideal for all sorts of properties. They are low-maintenance and tough, plus the can give unique style to your room. On the other hand, they are susceptible to water. And simple water leaks or small flood can damage this material.

In the first sign of flooding of leaking, call the experts right away. Having no delays can prevent further damage to your property. Allowing water to sit on your timber floor for long periods of time can result into distorted and discolored floorings. So it is best to prevent these types of situations.

Timber Drying should be fast because every second that your flood is exposed to water, the more damage it can cause. To do this, we have to use specialized equipment and tools to do the job effectively. We at MATTS WATER EXTRACTION & CARPET DRYING, understand that it is a very meticulous job to dry timber floors. Timber floors that are dried too fast and has been exposed to heat tend to crack over a short period of time. Too relaxed work though can cause cupping and distortion. This is why a step by step process should really be observed.

In Timber Drying we:
  • Identify the source of leak.
  • Dry the floor using specialized vacuums.
  • Double check trapped water under and in between timbers.
  • Check for any mould growth, if mould is present we will identify affected areas and clean up the area properly.
  • In case of discolorations, we use special light pressure tools. Then the proper Timber Drying process will be carried through.
  • Check if there are timbers that needs replacement

We are a company that you can trust. We are passionate and driven to deliver the best clean-up jobs possible. We are skilled and well trained for the job. Together let's fight water damage. We are MATTS WATER EXTRACTION & CARPET DRYING. Call us today!

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