Water Damage


There are many possible reasons where water damage may occur. May it be internal causes like leaking or broken pipes, roof gutter problems, and poor backyard drainage systems or in some instances, a sudden storm or flash flooding can also deal water damage to your property. DIY or Do-it- yourself repair may be able to get you through these problems but if the damage is too much for you to handle, now is the time to call a professional. We at MATTS WATER EXTRACTION & CARPET DRYING are here to do the job.

Investigation and evaluation

Before we jump into damage restoration, we will first do an assessment. This will help us see the extent of damage the situation caused or how long has it been exposed to water. Upon assessment we can give you advice on what to do, just like first aid, this is the early stage of water damage restoration.

Here are some key factors we look at in our water damage assessments:
  • Cause of flood
  • Size of the flood
  • Time exposed to water or flood
  • The amount of damage caused by water or flood

We will then provide you with a comprehensive report on what we can offer and what we can recommend along with a fair and accurate quote for the job.

Our team here in MATTS WATER EXTRACTION & CARPET DRYING are always honest and accountable to our clients. We will let you know immediately if your item is beyond repair. Trust us, we don't want to waste your time and resources so it's best for us to compromise.

Cleaning Phase

After the initial investigation and assessments, we will now proceed with the cleaning and restoration. We perform thorough and complete clean-ups. We assure you that your place will be spotless and free from harmful elements such as pests, mould, and other similar unsafe stuff.

Inclusive of our restoration services are carpet cleaning, repairs, mould elimination and remediation, removing moisture from wooden floors, and other maintenance jobs. We make sure that your home will be restored to its original clean and safe and we will not be content until you get a hundred percent satisfaction.

24/7 ready

We understand that ignoring water damage can lead to severe harm to your things. This is why we would like to step in and help you deal with this situation. We are available 24/7, so at the first sign of water damage, give us a call and our team will be on the way. Immediate attention can lessen or even prevent water from damaging your property. We assure you that there will be no delays especially on emergencies, but depending on the situation, we will call you for an update and inform you in advance.

Call us now!

Call us on the first sign of water damage to reduce the risk of damage. Water can be very destructive especially when it lingers long on your property. It can cause harmeven to wood, metal, leather, walls and other building materials.

The sooner, the better! We are available every day of the week, even on weekends and after office hours. We value your time and property. We are a company that you can trust. We are passionate and driven to deliver the best clean-up jobs possible. We are skilled and well trained for the job. Together let’s fight water damage. We are MATTS WATER EXTRACTION & CARPET DRYING. Call us today!

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