Wet Carpet Drying


Carpet are assets inside your home. The can give the perfect style and comfort that you want. But having carpets can also have certain down sides as they are prone to foreign elements like dust, stains, mould, and other problems. Even if you spend time maintaining the quality of your carpet, it will eventually wear out and lose its former shine. Mainly because of the filth and other dirt that sunk into the fibers of your carpet material.

In-depth cleaning is the key to restore your carpet to its original comfort and look. We can guarantee to make your carpet as good as new through our finest deep-clean carpet cleaning solutions for MATTS WATER EXTRACTION & CARPET DRYING. We will remove dusts, stains, and other visible and non-visible dirt inside your carpet for a friendly price. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for your carpet cleaning needs, MATTS WATER EXTRACTION & CARPET DRYING can do it for you.


Here at MATTS WATER EXTRACTION and CARPET DRYING, we put your safety first. We give assessments to your carpet before jumping into the cleaning process. And there are instances where we recommend a replacement of your carpet instead of cleaning it up. We value honesty and we will not let you waste your time and effort for nothing. For example: A carpet exposed to a flood or sewage water for more than 24 hours can’t be restored. Hence, we will just have to replace you carpet for your safety and convenience.


Mould can easily spread through your carpet if given the right conditions. As a matter of fact, mould can spread through an entire room in just a span of 48 hours. Carpets are ideal breeding grounds for mould, because they can get damp for a long period of time. Mould most of the time develop under and inside your carpet, so do not let this deceive you, call the professionals to check.

We have sanitation and deodorization techniques that help prevent mould from growing in your environment. We spray anti-microbial solutions on affected areas to eliminate mould and the spores they have. It is also basic protocol for us to make sure that carpet are completely dry before we say that the job is done. This helps prevent future development of mould and ensure that your home is safe and risk-free.


There are several factors that can cause stain and discoloration on your carpets. May it be dirty contaminated water, spilled drinks, dirt, and others. These things may also cause bad odour that sticks to your carpet and spread throughout your home. We eliminate both factors using our deep cleaning deodorizing techniques. We use special agents and effective deodorizers to get rid of these problems. We guarantee you 100% clean and sanitized carpets.

Our team of expert cleaning technicians will work double time to ensure you that your carpets are well cleaned and sanitized deep down. We are a company that you can trust. We are passionate and driven to deliver the best clean-up jobs possible. We are skilled and well trained for the job. Together let's fight water damage. We are MATTS WATER EXTRACTION and CARPET DRYING. Call us today!

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